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Farm Experience Add-ons

  • Goat Feed

    Goat Feed

    Get a 20 pack of feed cups for our friendly goats! Great to add on to your animal encounter or to feed the goats in passing.

    $20.00 ea.

  • Cow Cuddling

    Cow Cuddling

    Spend some time with our friendly cows and get your endorphins up! Cuddling is purchased in 30 minute increments and we allow up to 10 guests at a time. You decide how long the "turns" are.

    $150.00 ea.

  • Wagon Tour

    Wagon Tour

    Hop on our wagon to take a ride around the farm with a tour guide to explain all the ins and outs of what's happening around the farm. 1 wagon ride takes about 20 minutes and can hold 20 guests comfortably.

    $100.00 ea.

  • Animal Experience

    Animal Experience

    Spend time INSIDE the animal paddock to feed, pet and play with our animals. This is a huge hit for kids as they love to climb with the goats or scratch the pig's belly. Price is for 30 minutes.

    $200.00 ea.

  • Pony Petting

    Pony Petting

    For those junior horse lovers. Spend time brushing, feeding, and braiding our miniature ponies. Price is for 30 minutes.

    $200.00 ea.

  • Unicorn Experience

    Unicorn Experience

    Come experience our super special gift of a unicorn left by the fairies! Our unicorn loves being part of a magical birthday celebration. Complete the experience with the unicorn being the best surprise of the day. Price is for 30 minutes.

    $100.00 ea.

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