We have cancelled the first festival weekend September 23-24 due to the threat of high winds and heavy rain. We look forward to our festival weekends next weekend and throughout the month of October!

Due to the wet conditions, the pumpkin patch will now open Friday, September 29. Pumpkins are available in the store and decorating kits are available! 

M-F 10am-4pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sundays 10am-5pm


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Pavilion Rental

We have several options for pavilion rentals available during your visit to Mary's Land Farm. Please follow the links to book your 2 hour pavilion rental!

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RAIN OR SHINE: The farm is open rain or shine-we do not offer refunds for weather conditions, but you can change the date of your ticket by following the instructions on the confirmation email you received from TicketSpice.

REFUND POLICY: We do not offer cash refunds for tickets, pumpkins, or any additional purchases throughout your visit. We recommend that you purchase Purchase Protection in case you unexpectedly can no longer attend. All claims go directly through Purchase Protection, LLC, not Mary's Land Farm.

EXCHANGE POLICY: If you need to change your ticket date, you may do so by creating an account at the bottom of your original confirmation email. Tickets can only be exchanged for another day during Mary's Land Farm Fall Days 2023. There are no exchanges to other events.

SAFETY & RISK: You acknowledge and agree to assume the inherent risks associated with attendance at Mary's Land Farm and the use of all attractions, and agree to read and obey all safety signage, instructions and rules. Such risks include bodily or physical injury or harm or death that may be caused by or arise or result from or be attributable to the use of or participation in or on any attraction, particularly for those for whom normal operation of any attraction may be hazardous, including those who are pregnant, have a heart condition, have neck or back problems, or have other health problems that may make them more vulnerable to injury. Other risks of attending large outdoor venues include, injuries from exposure to the elements, such as rain, cold, excessive heat or the weather in general, and injuries or illness sustained due to your own personal negligence and/or the negligence of others, including running, jumping, engaging in altercations with other patrons or otherwise behaving recklessly at the Farm, and illness resulting from your failure or the failure of other patrons to abide by our health declaration policies. You are responsible to know your own health and physical condition and limitations and the health and physical condition and limitations of any minor under your care or supervision. If you use, or you permit any minors under your care or supervision to use, any attraction, you or they do so at your or their own risk. Mary's Land Farm assumes no responsibility for accident or loss to any person in connection with the condition or use of the Farm and attractions or their entrance into or departure from the Farm. You hereby irrevocably release Mary's Land Farm and its affiliates and their respective employees, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontractors, successors, heirs, and assigns from, and hold them harmless for, all losses, damages, costs, expenses, claims, demands or causes of action whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, arising out of your attendance at, and use of, the Farm.
Purchase Protection

Add Purchase Protection and get a 100% refund of your purchase if a qualifying unforeseen circumstance prevents you from attending this event. Covers illness, injury, transportation problems, emergencies and more.*

Please make an event selection to calculate coverage fee. When purchased, I will get a refund for my purchase should I be prevented from attending the event due to a qualifying unforeseen circumstance. I agree to the Terms and Conditions
I understand that if I am prevented from attending the event because of an unforeseen circumstance I won’t get a refund of my purchase.

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Not available for or applicable to events, attendees, or travel outside of the USA.

Purchase Protection is a service offered by Purchase Protection LLC. Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. It is a service that will refund you 100% of your event fees, taxes and dues should you be prevented by unforeseen circumstances from attending the event. Purchase Protection does not apply to, and will not reimburse, merchandise purchases and charitable donations. Purchase Protection fees will be charged as a separate transaction. Any changes made to your order will not change the amount covered in this agreement.

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